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Bring Shaun Barrowes to your School! 

Emmy-Nominated Shaun Barrowes, from American Idol, would like to bring his brand new "I Am the Prettiest" tour to your school. Shaun had a very successful "Live for Music" tour benefitting music and arts programs in schools from 2011-2015, performing in high schools, colleges and stadiums to promote Music Education. Now, he's visiting schools to speak about and perform on the importance of Self-Worth and realizing your True Potential and Value. "I Am the Prettiest" tour is designed to help those struggling with Body Issues and insecurities. 

For his upcoming “I Am The Prettiest” tour Shaun will be featuring his original music, and speaking on his own experiences concerning image issues and what he faced as a celebrity. "The Prettiest” was written by Shaun because of his passion to help women internalize how beautiful they really are.  “There's a major epidemic of women who are insecure about how they look. They constantly compare themselves to others. We want this campaign to change this and help them realize they're beautiful regardless of their body shape, age, race,

etc.!” explains Shaun. 

The concert set list includes 5-6 songs.



-"The Prettiest"

-"Just The Way You Are" (Bruno Mars Cover)

-"Big Heroes"

-"The Brightest"

-"If You Save Me"

-"Stand By Me" (Ben E King Cover)


-Discovering your Self-Worth: How to realize your unique potential, to stop comparing yourself to others, and to understand just how beautiful and valuable you already are.

-Overcoming Bullying by learning to love yourself

"One of the greatest tragedies this world has produced, is the convincing of generations of beautiful women that they're not beautiful. We need to fix this. Women need to realize their self worth, and men need to learn how to treat them better."

Basic Needs: 

The assembly will run for 35-45 minutes, and will include 5-6 songs with 3-4 speaking segments. We will need a projector to connect to our laptop to use Video Clips, Images and other visual aids.

*Student Involvement: We would like 3 students to participate by singing a verse and a chorus of the song, "The Prettiest" as a contest for the audience to determine their favorite. We would also like the FILM students to film the assembly and LIVESTREAM it to shaun's 500,000 fans.

Backline Information

Basic needs will be:

2 monitor speakers

1 vocal mic and Boom Stand

Piano or Keyboard with 88-weighted keys

Mics for acoustic piano / DI Inputs for Keyboard

Live for Music - Marching Band / Drum Corps Anthem

Live for Music - Marching Band / Drum Corps Anthem

Skyfall - Full Orchestral LIVE Cover

Army of Kings - Emmy-Nominated Music Video

SuperLove - Official Dance and Music Video, ft Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman

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