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Writing a Book Series

I'm writing a 6-book fantasy series! For now, we'll call it Planet Olympus as the working title. I've written hundreds of pages and numerous story arcs, character arcs, plot outlines, and more. If you were to browse my Google Docs, you'd see dozens of docs featuring random thoughts, storylines, character ideas, book titles, etc. I'm even creating my own language with this series and am currently studying linguistics. Ancient languages like the Proto-Mayan languages or Biblical Hebrew, as well as modern languages from the Latin-based European languages to the Native American languages are all fascinating in their similarities and differences. Their grammar and sentence structure, as well as their vocabulary, alphabets and pronunciations all fascinate me. I've been really diving in to various methods of studying languages and haven't quite settled on one distinct and effective method. It's hard to just stick with one, but I am hoping to really grasp Ancient Greek and Biblical Hebrew, for starters. In the near future, I hope I can understand some Arabic, Old Persian and others.

For more practical uses, I would like to become fluent in Japanese since my wife was born in Japan. For now, it's an exciting project and my current passion. My hope is to release the first book of this series by Summer of 2020. Stay tuned for updates on this fantasy series!


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