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Star Scores in The Paradise Planets

In The Paradise Planets, there are Star Scores that separate the Gaians into classes. I thought I'd provide additional information on these scores and how they're tabulated.

Star Scores for The Paradise Planets

In 2132 AD, there are five categories: 400s, 500s, 600s, 700s, and 800s. The 400s are the lowest, and as such, they're treated the worst. They live in the worst conditions, get assigned the worst jobs, receive the least options for food rations and smallest quantities, have the most limitations on travel, are not allowed to move to other cities or provinces other than the one assigned to them, and they're often the recipients of unfair judgments.

Food Rations

Saltwater Aquaponics farms are the primary food source to feed the masses. From these farms, the U.N.O.E. produces and distributes food rations to the Gaians.

400s and 500s Food Rations

  1. Health Shakes AKA "Muck Juice": Made from a super greens powder that consists of a blend of vitamins, minerals & wholefood ingredients. While it might provide Gaians with most nutrients needed to survive, it tastes like freshly-juiced dirt with a hint of wheatgrass.

  2. Canned Veggie Medley: Made from bell peppers, potatoes, carrots, and red onions. Kassiana's take: "It's mushy and tastes a little like the compost piles back home smelled–like old garbage."

  3. Gruel: Made from Cabbage, Seaweed, and Tomatoes. Kassi's take: "Where the other foods are almost completely devoid of salt, this is overly salty."

  4. Protein Biscuit: Kassi's take: "It doesn’t taste like much. It's almost flavorless other than the slight hint of stale, unsalted broccoli. The biscuit crumbles into your mouth like wet sand."

600s Food Rations

  • All of the above PLUS sticky white rice

700s Food Rations

  • All of the above PLUS meatless bean chili

800s Food Rations

  • All of the above PLUS flavored energy chews. These come in Mango, Melon, and Grape. Kassi's take: "Compared to all the other food rations on Earth, it's sweeter than candy grapes off the vine."

Townhomes and Apartments

400s to 800s all live in Townhomes and Apartments. The sizes of these domiciles vary slightly, but the biggest difference is in the location and quality of housing.


700s and 800s are allowed to relocate to other provinces and cities pretty freely.

600s can obtain permission to move, but it's more difficult.

400s and 500s are not allowed to relocate unless asked to by the U.N.O.E.


700s and 800s are often given managerial positions while lower statuses work beneath them performing more tedious and sometimes dangerous tasks. Pay is minimal since housing, healthcare, food, and most necessities are already provided for. All jobs are government jobs--there is no private sector. The more desirable jobs go to the higher statuses while the lower statuses are forced to take whatever jobs are leftover.


800s often getaway with small crimes and offenses, while the 400s are punished for every little thing, including misunderstandings and false accusations. 400s are more easily issued demerits which keep them and their families constantly at a lower status, making it nearly impossible for them to rise out of their situation. 700s and 800s have an easy time earning yearly dividends that increase their star scores.


When higher statuses associate with lower statuses for long periods of time, such as joining the same team or attending the same private parties, their star scores are "corrected" with demerits to reflect a lower status. For example, if an 800 were to join an AquaSphera team of 400s and 500s, they would receive between 25-50 demerits to their family's star score, affecting all other aspects of their lives. If they continue pursuing these discouraged associations, their scores will be "corrected" yearly until they cut all ties and disassociate with these undesirable lower statuses.

In marriage, star scores are averaged between the two. For example, when two 800s marry each other, their new star scores reflect the difference between their scores. If one is an 850 and the other is an 800, they would now both score at 825. If an 800 were to marry a 400, they would both become 600s, etc.

How Scores Are Tabulated

Star Scores are passed down from generation to generation. Everyone started with the same score, according to the U.N.O.E. when the one-world-government was first created in the year 2043 AD. Based on their historical records, everyone began as a 400, earning rewards yearly for their families whenever they participated and contributed to the rebuilding of society. As time went on, rules and policies tightened, punishments became more frequent, and the families began to see a divide in scores.

The U.N.O.E. assessed every family member (parents and dependents) and awarded families yearly dividends based on their performance. If the entire family was obedient to the laws, they earned ONE point per family member. For example, a family of four would earn four points if they complied with all the policies of the government for the entire year. However, if a family member incurred a reprimand from the U.N.O.E., the entire family lost one point per member (a family of four would lose four points). Once Gaians reached the age of 18, they took their star score with them and separated from their parents, earning points alone until they got married and started their own families. Children under the age of fifteen weren't recognized by their star scores and were officially "assigned" their family's star score at the age of 15. While everyone knew a family's star scores, no one was affected by associating with other classes until they reached the age of 15.

With the Siren Games, larger amounts of points could be earned by families. Having a champion qualify for the Games automatically earned their family 25 points. If they earn medals in the Games, they receive more points.

Palladium = 150 points

Platinum = 100 points

Gold = 50 points

Silver = 25 points

If someone were to earn a Palladium medal in the Games and not end up winning a Paradise Passport, their family would still earn 150 points to their Star Score statuses. This is how most families jumped to the higher statuses since yearly dividends only award a small number of points each year.

Initially, the U.N.O.E. created Star Scores to reward its citizens for good behavior, but it eventually morphed into a means for separated Gaians into classes.

By: Shaun Barrowes


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