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Writing and Producing the Ninja Kidz theme song

For those of you who are familiar with the YouTube world, you'll most likely know who the Ninja Kidz are. They get over 180 Million views a month on their YouTube channels and have created an incredible series of story-driven videos for kids. Bryton, Ashton, Payton and Paxton Myler are all awesome kids with incredible talent and affable personalities; it's no wonder the YouTube world took to them so quickly. They recently reached out to me to collaborate with them on some videos. I wrote a theme song for their channel, and now we're in the process of filming and releasing this music video featuring all four Ninja Kidz. I'm excited for you to hear the song and see the music video. Earlier this year, when I was working with Jackie Chan, I introduced them to Jackie:

Check out their channel and some of their videos, and stay tuned for their theme song music video COMING SOON!

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