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Ashkana Tuv Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Shaun Barrowes

Remember when you’d twirl to the vinyl records from my past

You would spin with arms wide open, bouncing as you laughed

You’d make me stand and hold your hands ‘til I was dancing too

That was you, and ashkana tuv

Remember when you learned all the lyrics to your favorite songs

When you thought nobody was looking, you would sing it strong

You’d change the key

Or melody

And then repeat that tune

That was you, and ashkana tuv

All the days I spent far away, the winds were pulling me home

Surrounded by those floating with excitement, I was heavy like a stone

Those memories

I didn’t see,

I knew I had to get back to

Me and you–you

Remember when the days turned to seasons right before my eyes

I never could slow time no matter how hard I tried

Replay the years

Through nostalgic tears

One thing is always true

I still love you, ashkana tuv

Art cred: Albus - Royal Palace by edwardbarons


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