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New Technology on Paradise!

With my world taking place in the year 2132 AD, I spent a lot of time studying up on futurist predictions, meeting with brilliant scientific minds, and imagining my own futuristic tech. While some of the tech in my book will seem familiar to other futuristic stories, there are a few new and original developments.


While this isn't too unusual from Star Wars' droids, Iron Man's Jarvis, or other futuristic robotics, R.A.V.s are unique in a few ways. For one, they're high functioning and responsive, but they aren't learning AI robots that might one day terrorize humanity. With the AI wars that already happened on Earth in the 2040s, Paradise learned from the Gaians' mistakes and implemented parameters and safeguards to prevent R.A.V.s from ever producing another near-extinction event. R.A.V.s come in all shapes and sizes, built for various different tasks. Some are built for carrying large and heavy loads. Others are built for slicing and dicing fruit and vegetables in the kitchen. Each R.A.V. is designed for specific tasks, but on the whole, they're simply assistants. The people of Paradise, the Paradisers, are still industrious people, and the R.A.V.s are there to optimize their time and facilitate their daily tasks.

While some R.A.V.s are shaped like cute little androids, they are not meant to be a child's friend, they don't provide playful banter, and they don't act like robotic humanoids. They are simply built for tasks to assist the Paradisers. They are not a solution to loneliness, since loneliness is not really a thing on Paradise. With small, tight-knit communities comprised of roughly 500 citizens per community, everyone knows each other by name and they help take care of each other. There's no need for a companion robot on Paradise. There's also a plethora of friendly, tame animals on Nemal, providing a wide variety of pets.

Photo cred: Cute [Chipmunk] Robot 3 by ObsidianPlanet

The Fountain of Youth

We've all heard of the legendary pursuits of the Fountain of Youth by Ponce de Leon. On Paradise, it actually exists, but not in some magical, mythical sense. The Fountain of Youth is an actual fountain of enhanced water. Body scanners detect all the deficiencies in the body and concoct a specific DNA-healing solution which is added to the water. A siren then performs an Embarû Hîm, a rejuvenation song, to activate the bonding of the particles to the water molecules.

In more scientific terms, both the water and the ultrasonic sound field created by the Embarû Hîm reconstruct the alleles allowing everyone to de-age a little at a time. The cells go through mitosis and regenerate, allowing Paradisers to de-age back to their prime years when they were 25. These solutions don't allow them to de-age beyond this limit, but it allows them to stay 25 for a 1-2 years at a time. If they ever wanted to grow old, they would simply cease drinking the water and over a couple years, they would resume the natural aging process.

As an added benefit, this process also reconstructs mutated alleles and makes cancer cells die off. So Paradisers would no longer be plagued with the possibility of cancer.

Photo cred: Goblet of Giants by ErikShoemaker


Intercontinental Portals, or InterPorts, are the fastest way to travel on Paradise. Rather than taking a plane, a boat, or a rocket, they simply walk through a door. These smaller Rosenbridge portals provide them same universal fold, only on a smaller scale. Rather than traveling between planets, these InterPorts are used for traveling between continents and cities. There are over sixty of these spread out across Nemal, and close to the same amounts on Astera and Aruna. They allow people to freely travel across the globe in seconds! With their siren suits, they can then blast through the ocean or sky at the speed of sound and arrive at their destination within minutes. This provides all Paradisers with the opportunity to explore and enjoy all the beautiful wonders of their planets.

Photo cred: PORTAL by ShahzebKR

By: Shaun Barrowes


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