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The book is out, and now comes the grind

It goes without saying I'm not a household name. My career has had flashes of success; American Idol, Emmy-Nomination, International tours, 400 Million views on my music video, etc. But in the end, I still have to work the daily grind if I want anyone to know about my new work.

I've pounded this pavement for over 20 years. I've made a living off of it for 15. It's had its extreme ups and downs, feast or famine. When I'm in famine mode, it often feels like I've ALWAYS been in famine mode. It can be difficult to remember the good times, back when I had tens of dollars in the bank.

It's a hard-knock life - definitely not the glamorous one most people associate with professional singers.

For the past four years, I've been writing and working on this book, album, and audiobook. It was a new kind of challenge, but it didn't require me to hustle. I've been living a hustle-free life during these years. And this time around, I won't be hitting the road solo. I'll be bringing my wife and kids along with me, as well as my team. It'll be much different, in a good way.

To kick things off, I'll be getting booths at as many conventions as possible. Secondly, I'll be lining up as many school assemblies as I can. And lastly, my wife and I will be working on our various different TikTok and Instagram campaigns to push the book to the masses. It'll keep us busy, and we'll need all the help we can get.

We're grateful to all our supporters along the way and all our new readers who have decided to take a chance on a brand-new series!

Shaun Barrowes live for music school tour


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