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Two playlists that set the mood for my writing

I've created two Spotify playlists of songs that I've toggled between throughout my writing sessions over the past four years. They've undergone evolution throughout the years. With the book being the first fully-integrated musical novel, it goes without saying that music plays a huge role in the book. Naturally, I'd need to crank the inspirational tunes to keep the juices flowing. From Coldplay to Jimmy Eat World, Boyz II Men to Josh Groban, my Paradise Songs playlist spans decades of music for as much nostalgic effect as emotional enhancements. However, oftentimes when I write, lyrics can get in the way of the word flow in my brain, so I need to switch to instrumental. For that, I have my Soundtrack for Planets playlist. The predominant voice on this playlist would have to be Hans Zimmer. His intricate and emotionally complex scores to Batman Begins, Interstellar and Inception rank at the very top, with Dune, Man of Steel and other classics sprinkled throughout. You'll also find pieces from dozens of other composers and film scores.

Music frees up my mind. These two playlists are exceptionally liberating. Take the time to peruse my favorites!


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