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Uneven Sky Lyrics

Music and Lyrics by Shaun Barrowes

Vs. 1

Save your breath and breathe

In a dreamless sleep

Where your mind drifts away

Always out of reach


You’re all stars from the same uneven sky

It’s your time to come down, share that light

Vs. 2

You’re a ghost in the void

Of an endless sleep

Everywhere you turn

There is only me

Chorus (Repeated)


Zînar i japáb tuví japat

Lev în sînyom dormiat

Ubi ándesh poþ tuví kiliat

Méshû mun van tordoiat

Final chorus

They’re all moths to the flame

And they don’t know why

It’s your choice if you save them

From that fire

Art Cred: Forgotten Lands by JJcanvas


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